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We saw Ant's artwork and instantly fell in love.
Anthony Walsh is a full-time tattooer/artists currently working at Materia Tattoo in Downingtown, PA. He attended Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia and graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design/Illustration. 
his work is a mixture of styles but is mainly derived from Traditional tattooing. He strives to create clean, bold tattoos that will stand the test of time. 


Carlos Balladares at Ronin Design & Manufacturing was an integral part of designing Salve-ation. We have him to thank for the rad label as well!

Carlos Balladares grew up in Camden, NJ but found his way to Sebring, FL at 18. While in-between jobs, his sister recommended he go get a tattoo. While getting tattooed he was immediately drawn to the process. He had always been an artist, so he went home and immediately drew 26 pages of designs, took them back to the shop on Monday, and at 21 was given an apprenticeship immediately at Defyant Ink on US 27. Now with 14 years under his belt, Carlos specializes in photo-realism and portraits but has excelled in traditional and neo-traditional styles. Carlos is now the 2nd artist at Ronin Design & Manufacturing in Memphis, TN.

What Carlos has to say about Salve-ation: “I have noticed that clients have been able to sit longer, it reduces irritation to the skin and swelling, it’s natural so I know it is safe for the clients, and the tea tree smells great. I have noticed while working on a client for an hour or two the clients skin would swell and the standard lubricant didn’t help with that. When we got the first batch of Salve-Ation I applied it to a tattoo I was working on and swelling was gone in about 15 minutes. I have never worked with a product like this that helped a tattoo heal as quickly as this. I also really love that tattoo artists had such a huge hand in developing this. Also the design is pretty badass.”